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The Earth Singers Programme.

Vocal Stewardship

Do you love nature and being outside?

Do you spend enough time outside connecting to and appreciating where you live?

Do you feel like singing outside but lack the confidence?

Would you like to find a way to give back to where you live?

What are the songs of our lands?

Inspired by the various world traditions which have not lost their native land songs, like the Sami of Scandinavia and the Australian Aborigines, we will begin the process of listening to and singing for our land.

Based on the principle that our world is ‘sound’, we can contribute to that sound positively. We can learn to listen to the sounds and songs of our environment. We can join the sounds of the universe and bring about an end to disassociation and alienation from our natural world. This can facilitate profound healing and brings connection, respect, gratitude, humility and a sense of belonging and joy. Once more attuned to our land, we find ourselves more able to make healthier and more sustainable and balanced decisions about our lives.

As well as developing confidence in our voices and exploring different singing styles, we will explore what it might mean to become a vocal guardian and take care of your garden, your well trodden footpath, your local spring, your favourite high place, sacred site or ancient tree. We will learn through singing how to be in harmony with our natural world.

Watch the clip for more details:

The series of weekend modules include:

  • exploring a variety of landscapes
  • learning ways to listen to nature and sound
  • developing your voice and singing skills
  • the basics of shamanic journeying and the medicine wheel
  • working with particular places
  • researching your own local places and any history of songs they might have
  • exploring what guardianship/stewardship means for you

Earth Singers Weekends

New programme in preparation for 2013 and beyond.

Shamamnism Introductory Weekends

A two day workshop introducing all you need to explore the shamanic path. Includes the use of drum, rattle, sage and song, journeying, power animals and spirit guides.

HeartsongHeartsong Workshops “Sound, joined with intention, can heal and transform.” Monthly classes in Cornwall.

Experience toning, singing , Indian Raag and mantra in this inspirational, transformative and heart opening workshop.

Extended toning and singing, accompanied by harmonium drone, open us physically, emotionally and spiritually, encouraging deep awareness and expansion. The drone is as ancient as creation and when we hear it, we remember and cannot help but join it. Singing collectively in this way brings about a unique healing vibration, encouraging us to realign with our authentic selves and true purpose.

From that open source we sometimes touch on Hindustani Raag,a component of the classical and spiritual music of India based in the ancient Sanskrit tradition of healing sound.

North Indian RaagIntroduction to North Indian Raag

These weekends begin with the Heartsong process and then go into more focussed teaching of Raag. This ancient Sanskrit system of music is exquisitely beautiful and deeply sacred. We will begin working with the Sagam (the syllables) the Alaap, compositions and improvisation. A must for those inspired by Indian music.