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STOP PRESS! BELTANE A Simultaneous Sing of the Michael and Mary Lines from Cornwall to Norfolk and the Apollo and Athena lines running all the way to Jerusalem and beyond…

Sunday 5 May 3pm

2013. After last year’s successful singing and dowsing of the Michael and Mary ley lines which brought amazing results with ley lines growing by two or three times their original size!, this year where ever you are, we have the opportunity to focus on not only giving thanks to our mother earth but also to send help in clearing the Apollo and Athena lines which come in at Skellig Michael in Ireland and run through Trencrom hill near St Ives and indeed through Ba Miller’s land, home also of late and very much loved dowser Hamish Miller. They then go on down through Europe and all the way to Jerusalem and beyond. Below is what I wrote last year. This still holds true and more. We are twelve months on, the universal energies are even quicker than then.

Meet wherever you feel drawn to go and sing last year’s chants plus your own songs to ask for our world to quickly come into full awakening. No more bxxx xxxt! Direct heart action founded on love, compassion and interconnectedness.

As before all ideas, experiences to go on the Facebook page.

I will be at the top of Trencrom hill at 2pm on the Sunday 5th along with dowsers and other singers/participants. You do not have to sing or dowse to take part – just your presence will be welcome. I look forward to hearing how it goes. Enjoy!

2012 copy:

It is time to sing ourselves back into balance and bring ourselves into right relationship with mother earth and more specifically with our own part of her, our own territories. Sending a huge injection of gratitude and love into the lines in song we aim to bring vibrancy and abundance to the vital life force of the lines, surrounding areas and ourselves. This promises to be an exceptional ceremony, with dowsers measuring before and after and as many people involved all along the lines as we can muster. Spread the word and register your interest with Danu via the Earth Singers Facebook page.

“When a sufficient number of contemporary people have reentered nature’s soulstream and become conscious contributors to the unfolding story of the world, industrialized nations might mature into sustainable, ecocentric and soulcentric communities, inhabited by people who are wildly creative, imaginative, adventurous, tolerant, generous, joyous and coopertaive members of the more-than-human world. This is my prayer.” Bill Plotkin, from his book Soulcraft

This is my prayer too and reestablishing a Songlines tradition in the UK and beyond? This will help us ‘enter nature’s soulstream’. See the  youtube clip below for the chant and where I was in 2012 on the Cornish Coast.

Sat 5 2012 May Carn Les Boel